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Agricultural manager
He schedules the tasks and the way of proceeding for every agricultural task. He hires new personnel and new suppliers for machinery and raw materials. He decides on the optimum harvest moment in each estate and coordinates it with the mill and the olive preserve plant.
Estate manager
Manages personnel. He assigns the tasks to be performed and makes sure they are properly done.
Tractor driver
Drives the tractor in any agricultural task. Works with the harvesting machines. Drives the excavator in the plantation. Drives the tractor and trailer during the harvest. Applies the treatments for plagues and pests control.
Field Administrator
Controls stocks. Purchases the machinery, equipment and materials. He makes the link between the field and the Administrative department.
Agricultural tasks assistant
Installs the irrigation system. Plants the olive trees. Prunes the trees and clears their base so that they can absorb water better. Assists the tractor drivers in the harvest.
Olive picker
Picks the olives from the tree.
Places the olives in the tractor-trailer.
Repairs the machinery.
De Prado in the Field - Expert
Rafael de Prado
Estate Manager
Responsible for the olive groves estates.
The De Prado table olives are the selection of our finest fruits and for the next 6 months continuous screening of the olives is held, in order to find the olives that are the most beautiful to sight and touch, the most pleasant in aroma and taste, always respecting the regulations issued for the production of organic food.
How do I store olive oil in my kitchen?
I store it in a cool and dry place; always making sure the bottle cap is well closed. I never leave the bottle near a heat source, for instance near the stove. And when the bottle is half empty I usually put it into a bottle of less capacity.
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