De Prado, since 1831
De Prado, since 1831
In the summer of 1991 twelve copybooks of commercial and personal letters were found in the working areas of the family house – leather-bound, handwritten and barely legible – with deeds, bills of exchange, powers of attorney and diaries. Our great-aunt Pilar de Prado Santaella, may she rest in peace, and our uncle Pepe de Prado Amián, carefully went through all the documentation, reconstructing the history of De Prado generations that fought and set an example from their honesty, diligence, love of family and work ethic - leaving us the best of their heritage, their family name.
We thank with all our heart to all those who have made it possible to build this precious project, so dear to all of us, which we call with great enthusiasm De Prado Family Space, especially to our dear aunts Ascensión Ruiz de Prado, Emila and Mª del Pilar Herrero de Prado, and Chelo de Prado Amián, who have shared with us their memories and their photo albums.
In the year of 1830 our great-great-grandfather Rufino de Prado passed away in Camprovín (a village in Rioja Alta) and our great-great-grandmother Maria Barrio moves with her four children to Baena, in the province of Córdoba (Andalucia, Spain) where her brother Toribio lived.
Toribio now has the invaluable help of his nephews, Eusebio and our our great-grandfather Víctor de Prado Barrio, for the good development of his businesses.
We know from the documents found that already in 1831 our family grew olive trees, cereals, vines and raised sheep.
Our great-grandfather Víctor died relatively young, aged 65, and our great-grandmother Maria outlived him twenty-five years, in which she demonstrated being a woman of courage, tenacity and support for all. Mamamía, as she was called, was always helpful for the relatives without economic assets and made sure they studied for a career and could succeed in life.
Our great-grandfather Víctor de Prado Barrio led an intense life in family activities, in agriculture and in politics. He was very open-minded and helpful for everyone.
He exported his Extra Virign Olive Oil under the brand "Emila" – Emila is a woman's name of great tradition in our family – and in 1912 he was awarded a prize in Chicago, U.S.A. acknowledging the prestige and quality of his oils.
Our great aunt Pilar reminds us that her mother, mamá Ascensión, was a very religious person who demonstrated it through actions and had the capability of organizing, educating, suffering, and concerned herself with those with most needs.
She loved Peace (Paz, in Spanish) very much and used to say "My name is Ascensión Gregoria de la Paz" and so she would put an end to any argument as she wanted to honour her own name. She also had an aptitude for drawing and painting. She outlived our great-grandfather for 29 years and looked after her seven children and the family business in a decisive and sensible way.
Our grandfather Pepe de Prado Santaella was cheerful, spirited, funny, very loving, patriotic and brave.He died very young, aged 39, from a heart condition.
Our grandmother Maruja Amián Costi was left a widower with 6 children, the oldest of which aged 9 and the youngest only a year and a half. She had to fight with everything that involves raising a numerous family and lead the business.
Our parents Rafael de Prado Amián and Teresa Ruiz-Santaella Schrader are hard workers as well as dedicated to the family. Our father is a Prof. Dr. Agricultural Engineer at the University of Córdoba and his great passion is scientific research and the management of the olive grove.
Our mother, daughter of a diplomat and Oma – our German-born grandmother – was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, and has raised us with great discipline and affection. We have grown in the country in simple, diverse, rich in experiences and full of respect for traditions surroundings.
And in the year 2000 we discovered Alentejo, in the heart of Portugal, with its wonderful culture, its friendly people, its ancient traditions, its exquisite food… and it's this magnificent land, filled with sun, with abundant water and cooled by the winds from the Atlantic: an ideal setting to grow our dear olive trees, symbols of the Mediterranean culture and heritage that we have kept through the sacrifice, perseverance and belief of our ancestors.
We love to keep in touch personally with our clients, and that is why we travel the world...
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