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De Prado, a modern family business
By Jose Luis De Prado.
This is our motto, to build a company with a sound balance between the traditional values we inherited and the technological innovation that today, and in the future, will always be within our reach.
I firmly believe it's the people that make the companies. Each one of us has the perfect space to develop, each person has a gift and it's important to detect it and strengthen it. I am very demanding with the team, I ask for commitment and consider that a timely well-done job is quintessential for our daily life.
To my siblings I say we must set the example. I deal closely with the whole team and their motivation is fundamental for me – delegating tasks is an essential pillar of my management. I try to provide all the tools so that the directors are autonomous and together we define a framework with clear and sensible goals.
I believe we must be very practical at work.
To look at all matters in perspective and take decisions we must not be afraid of this critical moment in so many occasions.
When we are making a purchase, of some field machinery for instance, or a sale of our olive oils, it is essential for us that both parts are pleased with the agreement because we are faithful to our relations in time. This is further demonstrated by our list of suppliers and clients, which is very stable. We are proud of this unsurpassable relation of mutual trust.
We are always ready to grow and available for the opportunities that the markets may provide.
I always count on the team's opinion, and after a detailed study of the situation we always think of the company's development on a 5 to 10 year span.
We were brought up in the country. My sister Carmen, would joke and say, when she was younger, we would grow roots like the olive trees, for all the time we spent in the estate.
We love nature and the great respect we have for it we brought onto our professional lives, now that we are adults.
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