Family Heritage
Family Heritage
We are the 6th generation of a family of farmers dedicated do olive growing. We respect the knowledge inherited from our ancestors, the effort, the innovation, the well doing and the love for nature.
We consider ourselves fortunate once we, the four siblings, complete each other extraordinarily. Each of us works in a different area and exactly in those in which, by our training and personal traits, we can bring in more of an added value.
José Luis de Prado
Doctor of Agricultural Engineering and Adeca Program
Responsible for the administration of all the De Prado Ruiz-Santaella family businesses.
I am responsible for
defining and implementing
the company strategy
and of finding new
opportunities that the
market offers…
Rafael de Prado
Estate Manager
Agricultural manager
Responsible for the olive groves estates.
I am responsible for the correct development of the trees in the groves, for deciding when to pick the olives in each plot and carefully planning its entry in the mill and the olive
preserve plant.
Carmen de Prado
Marketing Manager
Degree in Information Technology and Master in Marketing (ESIC)
Responsible for corporate marketing, product marketing, online marketing and internal marketing.
I am responsible for defining
the definition of the strategy,
development, implementing
the corporate identity, product
catalogue and… promotion
actions to support
our distributors.
Víctor de Prado
Director of Operations
We love to keep in touch personally with our clients, and that is why we travel the world...
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