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February 2015
De Prado in the world, Hello Dubai! Thank you for welcoming us!
January 2015
De Prado in the world, Hello Germany! Thank you for welcoming us!
December 2014
De Prado Christmas in the world…
November 2014
De Prado in the world – Hello Lithuania! Thank you for welcoming us!!
June 2014
De Prado in the world, Bem-vindo ao Brasil!!
April 2014
Olive tree flower in May, olive oil next year
March 2014
Home of the father, vineyard of the grandfather and olive grove of the great grandfather
February 2014
Greedy for honey, beautiful for olive oil
January 2014
Victor Hugo: "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face"
December 2013
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
November 2013
November is finished, winter begins
October 2013
If in October you feel cold, provide shelter of your animals
September 2013
In September, reap and don't show
July 2013
As much as I want to be, in July there won't be much rain
June 2013
Bright June, plentiful year
May 2013
May, the month of flowers
April 2013
De Prado, inspiration for the lovers of Extra Virgin Olive oil
We love to keep in touch personally with our clients, and that is why we travel the world...
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